Sunday, March 15, 2009

Purse Sprays- By Kilian & Chloe

Purse sprays are fun , portable and airline friendly. All good things. They are very luxe too aren't they? Pulling one of these out of the handbag would be tres chic. You can have your perfume and spray it too.

Lately more and more lines are coming out with purse sprays, meaning you have far more choices than before. Two newest are from By Kilian and Chloe . Both come in beautiful cases, and the By Kilian's are refillable.

Chloe Lisy is the name of the new purse spray, which is the pure parfum here.

The Chloe line is large with candles, an excellent body cream and shower cream and now this leather encased purse spray . They've tweaked the perfume for this some. It now has pink peppercorn in the top notes, sandalwood and tonka bean at the drydown. This makes a slightly spicier scent than the original which is a soft, slightly powdery rose/violet.

Parfum 15 ml Purse Spray & Leather Case – $150 ( LE, each season a new case shade will added)
Parfum 15 ml Purse Spray – $100

Currently exclusive to Saks in US, also at Harrods UK, and Holt Renfrew in Canada.

By Kilian is the perfume line created by Kilian Hennessey. I've reviewed all fragrances in the past. The line doesn't come cheaply but the quality is excellent . These are well done, beautiful fragrances.

The cases are engraved and as mentioned , refillable at any By Kilian counter. You can find one at Bergdorf Goodman, Aedes de Venustas in NY( ), Apothia in LA and at many stores worldwide .

Available in all scents in the line( Prelude to Love being my personal fav)

The travel spray with 4 refills .25 fl.oz. $ 135
The set of 4 refills .25fl.oz $ 70

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