Thursday, May 17, 2007

China Glaze Surfs Up Nail Polish

Surf's Up is the summer collection from China Glaze nails. I used this brand for the first time after Christmas and loved it. It went on really nice, looked good for a long time , wore well.
So I was interested to try the new colors especially since they are brights. I love bright for summer.

I did a couple nails in Orange- Pacific, a bright coral orange with great medium sparkle. The rest with White-Kwik-Silvr. I loved the Orange- Pacific, a top color for me, but will save that for super summer nails.

White-Kwik-Silvr is a nice white, sheer at first, but deeper after more coats. I have 2 quick coats on in the picture with no base coat.

It has lots of shimmer as well. ( the polishes all have colored micro flecks of glass). I am not one for overly sheer nails. Light colors ,yes. I used to have a white nail polish in the 80s. It was opaque and harder to work with, but I liked it. This is much easier to apply, and looks great. It will look even better with more of a (self)tan. A light but still different color. No ballet slippers polish here.

All the colors in the Surfs Up collection are super. There is a great shimmery yellow that will be the next one I try. I see great pedis with that( but I will do manicures as well). A red , a medium peachy pink, and a neat black/deep blue round them out. All of these will make standout summer mani/pedis. It's time to embrace color, color.

China Glaze polishes are available at Ulta stores, and specialty beauty supplies.


All Lacquered Up said...

White Kwik Silvr looks great on you. I agree that it will be even better with a tan. I'm still not sure I'll have the courage to wear Yell-O-Neil on my toes but it sure is fun on my fingers.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks Cincy :) I like it a lot, been admiring the nails all day. Yell-O-Neil is going to be fab on toes, go for it. If I do them with it , I will have to get a pic up for you. I'll work on that.