Monday, May 21, 2007

MAC Moonbathe Collection

MAC's new summer collection is called Moonbathe, due in stores June 11th. I usually love MAC"s summer collections, and this one looks to be no different. So far I have just product decscriptions , but many of the colors seem very nice. The Sheertone blush in Other Worldly,both Glimmershimmers, and Sunmetal lipstick sound especially good to me, as well as the brown eyeshadow pictured, which I think is Saturnal.

The collections is meant to be beauty in a " Lunar Phase".

The colors:

Sunmetal- Warm bronze with silver pearl
Honey Moon -Warm pink bronze with gold pearl
Solar Plum -Berry with red and gold pearl
Eclipse- Deep rust with gold pearl

Crescent- Soft maple with gold pearl
Moonbathe- Sheer tangerine with white and gold pearl
Dark Flower- Warm plum pink and gold pearl
Elaborate -Soft low karat gold with pearl

Small Eyeshadow
Cosmic- Warm yellow gold with gold pearl
Saturnal -Deep olive with gold pearl
Firespot- Intense orange with gold pearl
Cranberry- Reddish plum with pink shimmer
Claire de Lune- Soft cream with pink pearl

Liquidlast Liner
Molten Sol Rich -gold with intense metallic pearl
Point Black® -True black

Pro Lash
Coal Black® Black

Sheertone Shimmer Blush
Afterdusk- Sheer neutral pink with gold pearl
Other Wordly- Warm yellow gold with gold pearl

Astral Rays -Sheer gold with white pearl
Ritzy -Peachy bronze with gold pearl

Nail Lacquer
Fireball- Intense tangerine with gold and orange pearl
Golded® -Soft peach with gold lay down

Sunsational Lashes Red metallic colour

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GablesGirl said...

Oooohhhh...thanks for the heads up! I never miss a Mac collection :]. AND for the sephora bag preview!! Finally a pattern that I can get with -- love it! Molly