Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Stylish Queen

As most of you know, HM Queen Elizabeth II has been visiting our country for the past week.

She seems to have enjoyed her visit, and she stepped it up a notch in the fashion department for her American jaunt it seems. The Queen always looks lovely and has great hats, but she was looking better than ever . I mean, you have to love a lady who disembarks her plane with 2 men behind her carrying her hatboxes.

Her first day outfit with the pink and blue hat was a standout, but then so was the fabulous green ensemble she wore with that gorgeous hat to the Derby. Then there was the lace trimmed one at the White House. I wonder if I can have her hat castoffs.

Todays green hat with the pink flowers actually is somewhat like a vintage one I have that was my grandma's.

Look at her in this picture, she has perfectly pink lips to match the flowers, just lovely.

I really can't pick a favorite, but the Derby day comes close. What do any of you think?

The gown for the state dinner was not impressive, but then she has that enormous crown, so who cares about the dress.

Here's hoping she keeps up the stylin' look. You go girl.

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