Saturday, May 5, 2007

Clinique City Block Sheer Oil Free Daily Face Protector SPF25

Clinique has released a new version in their City Block line. This one is SPF 25 and oil free , and meant for those of us with oily skin who still need sunscreen. As one of those people, it has always been hard to use something as sunscreen that wasn't already in my makeup. I worried about greasiness or breakouts.

I have used this now for about 5 days. Today was a good test day, as I was outside doing work in the yard. Very hot, very sunny.

So far, so good. It does go on a bit sticky, but if you give it a minute it will dry. The stickiness seems to help it stay on the skin, however. It seemed to hang in there pretty well today, and the other days I didn't notice much shine breaking through, which is important.

The product has ingredients that help to absorb moisture on your face, plus cut back on oil production. It is also 100% chemical sunscreen free. It is a very lightweight lotion and applies well.

Clinique City Block Sheer Oil Free Daily Face Protector SPF25 retails for 16.50

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Anonymous said...

I love this stuff. I have rosacea and so my skin is VERY sensitive. It's hard to find a sunscreen that doesn't have chemicals AND won't make you look like Casper the Ghost at the same time. This has enough tint to hide the white and NO burning/stinging.