Saturday, May 19, 2007

Miracle product 2 - Benefit She-Laq

She-Laq from Benefit is an all makeup sealer. Used mainly for eye makeup, this really works. Apply over eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, brows etc. It makes them totally waterproof and runproof.

The set now includes various brushes for each use. I have the old style that is just the bottle with an applicator. Either way, it works. I have used it not just for me and my runny mascara and eyeliner troubles, but on friends at weddings as well. You need to let it dry for a minute or so, and then off you go, no worries.

With the plethora of longer lasting products out there I use this less than I use too, but if you have an eyeliner that won't stick or trouble with smudging mascara, this is the go to item.
The other day someone posted on another blog looking for mascara's that would make it thru her day of adding contact lens drops. I forgot to add this to the list. If you read this M, try it.

It sells for 28.00 at Sephora, Benefit counters, and


GablesGirl said...

Yes, I've tried Shelaq a couple of years ago to mixed results. I think I mostly resisted the extra step but now I'm facing eyeliner creep and I'm wiling to try anything! All I've figured out with the creep is that it's eye treatment (recent problem, I've changed up eye products but won't go w/o any lotion around my eyes). Sound familiar? Would Shelaq tackle it? Thanks! Molly (the gal on Blogdorf with wp mascara issues :).

Beauty Alchemist said...

This might work, it always seemed to get the job done for me. I have eyeliner issues too. I can also say that MAC fluidlines go on and stay, without budging. i was happy to find them. The new urban Decay 24/7 is good to, but I haven't tried them in a dark color.

GablesGirl said...

Wonderful! Thanks! I'm glad you encouraged me on fluidlines. I keep eyeing them but then thinking I'll get all thumbs around anything other than a pencil! I need to just get into the chair of my fav MAC SA!! :} Great blog! You were first with Moonbathe intel--wonderful!!