Thursday, May 3, 2007

Estee Lauder new Pure Color Lipgloss

Estee Lauder has re-formulated and re-packaged their Pure Color lipglosses. The new formula is said to be very long lasting, and it really is. I know, a lipgloss that lasts? YES. This goes on a bit like a lipstick as far as consistency. You get smooth, creamy, full coverage. I have long loved the Pure Color lipsticks as I have mentioned before, but this was my first try out of the lipglosses for some reason.

Mom even got in on it, loving the shade Nude Rose, which is just that. It looked great on her and is a super summer shade. She declared it better than Glossimers( high praise from a lady who loves her makeup much like her beauty crazy daughter). She had actually had the old version years ago in a pale pink shade ( Star Pink, I think) that I had gotten her. I recall her liking it then as well, but the new formula seems thicker, creamier, and as I said it lasts. Better.
No need to re-apply all the time.

The regular glosses have less shimmer than the crystal versions, but are not flat. I am loving all the neutrals but Ginger especially caught my eye. It's a light tan bronze with good shimmer.
The new tubes are longer and thinner, the new formula is also moisturizing.

Pure Color Glosses are available at all the EL counters and online.
Retail is 18.00

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