Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Miracle product- Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Warm weather is upon us, and it's time for me to start posting about Summer must haves, and a couple Miracle Products, as I call them. With oily skin in a humid , hot summer, I have looked high and low for many years for the products that won't melt, sweat off,or run. Ones that will clear up acne , and keep oil at bay. Happliy there are more now. Back in my teen years, how I could have used all these, but I am glad they are here now. So off and on for the next week I will be posting these must haves.

First up- Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. This is the miracle. It truly dries up the dreaded pimples in one night, or if they are tougher, deeper ones, maybe 2-3 nights. It's seriously strong , kick butt pimple fighter.

It's also pink, so you really need to apply at night. You dip a Q-tip into the jar of solution( without shaking or stirring), and dab onto the inflamed area. It dries very quickly. Go do your evening stuff or head to bed. By morining pimples be gone, or almost .

I can't say enough about how wonderful this is. My last bottle, I bought an unused tester, as thats all the store had. They were out and I was not leaving with out my drying lotion. I was out and it's an hour drive to get it. Do not get between the Alchemist and a miracle product.

It sells for 17.00 and lasts really long. Mario Badescu is avalible at Nordstrom, Blue Mercury Stores, www. mariobadescu.com

For you acne sufferers, another hint that involves no products. Swim in a chlorinated pool. Yes, the fashion mags go on and on about how chlorine is drying, well if you're really oily, be it skin or hair, thats a good thing. Even a small amount of time spent in the pool each week, will make a huge difference in any acne you have, and will keep much of it from coming on. It also keeps oily hair clean much longer. As soon as pool season ends, my skin goes retrograde, my hair gets oily quicker. I lament the chlorine loss. So swim, heal up your skin and have fun at the same time.

Pool photo by The Alchemist

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