Thursday, May 24, 2007

kaplanMD Skincare

kaplanMD skincare is a skincare line developed by Dr. Stuart Kaplan, a Beverly Hills dermatologist, for the needs of transitioning skin. He particularly addresses the changes in skin due to hormonal changes/imbalances.

About a month ago, I gave mom a sample of Replenishing Night Cream to try. She is the skincare lady, and has , ahem, "mature skin". It is good skin, however. Still somewhat oily, her main concerns are firmness, and lessening of the fine lines at the eye area especially.

She gives the Kaplan MD high marks. She is very happy with it. One of the things she has seen most, is a boost in overall skintone, skin condition. It looks more even toned and better. There is more of a glow. The product firms extremely well . She feels that the lines do seem less, or at least less defined than before. It also is a non greasy feeling product, and sinks right into skin, but provides plenty of moisture. The company describes it as a velvety cream, and that does apply.

She likes this a lot,( one of the best she has tried , she said) and plans to continue to use it.

The Replenishing Night Cream sells for 210.00 for 1.7oz ( this lasts quite awhile),and is available on the company website, where you will also find more products and information.

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