Monday, March 14, 2011

Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty is a new line that just hit Sephora that with a line of lip products from color to balms . The line is based on   lip products good enough to eat  with natural and food grade ingredients. They use  Reservatrol  from red wine to load each lip product with antioxidants. Each lipstick is said to have the equivalent of 5 glasses of red wine's antioxidant benefit.

I decided to try out the two balm products - Superfruit Butter and Vitamin Gels. I have Blueberry in the Butter and Grapefruit in the Gel.

Superfruit Butters-  Called a multi use product that can be used on lips, nails etc. and containing whole superfruits like blueberry  or acai for antioxidant power. Shea and Palm butters along with Jojoba provide the moisture. 

The butter leaves a bit of an opaque cover on the lips. It's   thick and creamy and has only a light blueberry scent and taste. The little flecks in the pot are said to be actual fruit pieces and you can feel them a tiny bit but really barely at all. These come in a pot very reminiscent of MAC's original screw top pots. Brought back memories.

Vitamin Gel- The gels comes in great flavors with essential  oils and fruit juices in there as well as Vitamin C.   It's a  thick clear gel that imparts shine  and is  highly moisturizing.  This one has more flavor than the butter and while not strong definitely smells like grapefruit. I like that it goes on thickly and seems to last long on lips. My favorite of the two balms.

I like the idea that these have antioxidants built in and are ok to be ingested. After all we basically "eat" most of our lip products so the better the ingredients, one would assume the better for us.

Are you planning to try any of the new Bite Beauty line? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Bite Beauty Superfruit Lip Butter $ 18.00
Bite Beauty Vitamin Gel $ 18.00

The full line is at


Ling's Beauty Blog said...

Wish we had Sephora in Australia...sighs...

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi Ling,
Thanks for stopping by. Love Australia , even though I haven't been there -yet.

I hear you on Sephora. I well remember when there was only 1 in NYC and not yet online . They don't seem to set up internationally much outside of France of course, but maybe one day.

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