Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bobbi Brown Metallics

I am having fun trying and using 2 of the new Metallics eyeshadow palettes from Bobbi Brown. Hard as it may be to believe, this is the first time I have tried Bobbi Brown eyeshadow. Yes, I know, I'm a beauty nut, and I even met Ms. Brown once. I love many of her products( those Shimmerbricks and the Beach fragrance are 2 big favorites), but never the eyeshadow.

So , I am loving these. They have such a wonderful silky quality, and blend seamlessly. I have been using the Forest and Plum sets. The Forest set has a wonderful deep, hunter green shadow in the trio. Years ago you saw much more dark green than I have lately, so I was happy to see this shade.

It's dark , and great for the smoky eye of this season. All the magazines are touting doing a smoky eye, but if you don't want the harder black, to try greens, greys, purple. The other 2 shades are quite dark( and pretty) as well.

The Plum Metallics set has a softer champagne shade with 2 mid- deep plums, one more mauve based than the other.
Again a great smoky eye, or a more muted one is easily done here.

The palettes are great for throwing in your bag or weekender, and could cover much of your shadow needs for a day or two, depending on where you are /going.

They come in 2 other color combos : Midnight ( blues and a gorgeous made for evenings out silver), and a gold/ nudes set.

Now to the time I met Ms. Brown. She was doing a personal appearnace at a Neiman Marcus a ways from me, and I was there Christmas shopping, and had mom and dad along. I had to explain to dad who this woman was, and being the funny guy he is, he decided he wanted to meet her. So he certainly did, going up and asking her if she could " do anything with him"? She laughingly suggested some eye cream.
Nice lady, good makeup.

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