Sunday, September 9, 2007

My day at Fashion Week

Yesterday was spent at the tents , and the highlight had nothing to do with fashion really. I got into the Temperley London show, one that I had been anxious to see, and more so after I heard that Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran would be attending.

For the youngest readers, this may mean nothing, but I have been waiting to meet them since the early 80s, and I did yesterday. I was one excited person and after that, I was like fashion show? what show?( pic shown is with Padma Lakshmi)

They were very nice and Simon especially was very gracious and they even did a pic with me.

As for the actual show, it was a bit of a departure from the normal, wonderful Temperley dresses, but one has to change things up some I guess. I loved the cloche hats the girls wore, and the lace bottom dress shown is also a stunner. The show was called Plage Privee, and meant to evoke summer of the '20s and '30s.

There was a draped copper halter gown also that was lovely, and in the pictures of her after party, Ms.Temperley wore that dress.

I also went to Twinkle by Wenlan. Lots of cute dresses, some prints that were so -so, but overall a decent show. I took some pictures, but my camera couldn't get thru the darker room well, so they aren't the best.

The MAC booth was the gathering spot for many beauty bloggers and the MAC people couldn't have been nicer. I met the ladies from Lipstick ,Powder n' Paint, Beauty Snob, The Makeup Bag, Elke from Beauty Blog network, The Makeup Girl and several others whose site names I unfortunately do not remember. It was a pleasure to meet them .

MAC predicts , and we all could from the runway looks, that a bold mouth and little other on the face is the spring trend. Lots of pink or coral on the lips, and glowing bare skin. This is not really a look I am feeling, and I am sure it will be tweaked before it hits the stores. I really think some mascara, and a touch of blush is needed. Honestly, I wasn't really sure the models even looked that good in this palette. Unlike winter bold lips, this was too much color.

Fashion week was so fun, but grueling and hard on the feet. You need comfy shoes and a big bag to carry stuff. There is a lot of down time between shows often, and not lots to do or see once you've made the booth rounds. Snoopy in Fashion was cute, they had some dresses on display . I heard someone say the show the night before was good.

I had a good day to be sure, and even fit in a visit to the new huge shoe floor at Saks. Pictures of that next post.

Photos: the beauty alchemist , and mercedes fashion week


Anonymous said...

But where's the pic of Simon and YOU?? And...Padma must be really scrawny in real life to appear so skinny on tv, huh?

Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you, D!

the movie mommy said...

I looove the new look of your blog! Glad you got to finally meet the guys! I am really enjoying reading your blog and hearing about all your adventure in beauty!