Monday, September 10, 2007

Day at Fashion Week cont'd

Well my feet are almost feeling back to normal. Flagstones make up the "floor" at the tents, and they are literally hard.

So few more pics and thoughts from my day at the tents. ( The Saks shoe post gets pushed back a day or so)

I have a good shot of the bright lips at Temperley. Scary thing is ,I think I have a lippie that color from back in the late 80s, early 90s ( Borghese). Yes I have an enormous stash of old makeup that I kept. I call it my vintage collection. Not to use, of course. I may actually do a post on them one day.

Also, the Thakoon show is done, and we have a look at what may be the next Pout a Porter Lancome lipstick. The color looks ok, a nice wearable pinkish shade. We'll have to wait to see or hear more.
The picture of Liya Kebede is from the Carolina Herrera show, and also goes for a bold lip.

I didn't see too many other celebs , other than my super Duran meet, but Nigel Barker was there at the Twinkle show, and he seemed extremely nice, many stopped him for pictures. He also walked out with all the regular people instead of doing the VIP route.

I also spied Lauren Ezersky, having even more gray hair, but she pulls it off oddly enough.

Something that suprised me was the amount of color people wore. I expected all black, hey it's what I wore. I love color, but I love wearing black too. Many wore dresses and tops in prints or color. There was far less black than one would think.

Another trend was the Tory Burch flat. I saw many wearing these both in the tents and in the stores. Not sure if they were the real deal or the look alikes( Burch is in litigation against people who copied her design).

They are the "in " shoe it looks like, for now.

Speaking of color, yellow is turning up a lot in the shows, so it looks to be a popular shade coming up. This means the Snoopy dress here is right in style.

Photos:wwd ,, the beautyalchemist

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