Thursday, September 13, 2007

Saks NY New Shoe Floor

Last Month Saks Fifth Avenue debuted a new shoe floor in the NY store. Much talked about, it even has it's own zip code. When I was there for Fashion Week, I had to go over and give it a look. It also happened to be the day that my favorite shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti , was making an in store appearance. I only have 1 pair of his shoes, got on a great sale , but it was fun to gaze at lots of them all displayed.

The designer himself was signing shoes, and polaroids they were taking. I didn't go over to chat, but he looked very jovial and seemed to be having fun.

The new floor is indeed very large but not as big as I was thinking. It is brightly lit, and very open and accommadating. A huge shoe made of flowers graces one area.

One of the nice things about the big , high end stores, is the service. Waiters were offering much needed flutes of water, which after a hot 5 block walk in 90 temps, was very welcome.

It's nice that whether you are buying or browsing, you can enjoy the atmosphere and drinks.

The best part of the shoe floor, though, is the chocolate cafe. Set towards the back, Charbonnel et Walker, an English chocolatier, has set up a cafe and bar ( complete with revolving desserts and a choclolate fountain in the middle) , as well as a counter to buy their very good chocolates. The cafe serves chocolate drinks both hot and cold. I bought just a few truffles to take home, and they were incredibly good.

After leaving Saks I went to Macys and their shoe floor as well. Macys shoe floor is pretty darn big too, although less glamourous. Both had nice shoes, and I managed not to buy any.

all photos: the beauty alchemist

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