Friday, September 28, 2007

MAC Matte 2

Part 2 of the new MAC mattes:

As with Mattene, I was worried about all this matte-ness. Many of the new shadows were dark,and I knew they would have lots of pigment, so I just picked the one that looked most promising with my color and dove in.

First to try was Flourishing, a deep olive. First glance I was hoping this was more celadon but I realized that it was definitely olive. It also has tiny flecks of shimmer, which made me happy. They are barely there but enough to break up the matte. It looked great . The shadow went on so smoothly, no flaking or flying off of particles, and it blends well.

Next up was Copperplate a medium grey with a touch of brown. A grey taupe basically. This looked nicer on me than I ever thought it would , as I don't do grey too well. It gives a subtle smoky look.

All these shadows have a pigment that is strong and adheres well. I am getting really good lasting power out of them. They blend well as I said, and I think will make great eyeliners. Thats my next project with the Copperplate.

Matte 2 shadows are a permanent additon the MAC line, so they will be around for you to test.

They sell for 14.50

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