Thursday, September 20, 2007

Clinique Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift

Clinique launced the new Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift skincare this month. This is a Retinol Peptide product that has Vitamins E & C, and Whey protien.

What initially interested me was that it came in a version for combination/oily skin. You don't find too many good skincare products that are made for us oily skinned ladies. It also says it helps to control excess oiliness. So far so good.

So I got a jar and started using it. that was about 2 1/2 weeks ago.

I've mentioned before that I do not have overly "mature" skin, and don't always use or need heavy duty antiagers. At the same time, I am certainly willing to use something that will help my skin and keep it in great shape.

The Zero Gravity is a gel creme, at least in the oily skin version. It goes on smoothly and sinks in very fast, and it has made my skin look better. Mainly I have noticed that it plumps the skin. It looks fuller and filled out. I also think that the beginnings of lines around the mouth( those marionette buggers) have also smoothed out . They were minor before, and now are almost not there. I like that.

Some of the details per Clinique:
Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift helps maintain exisitng natural collagen levels, enhances skins natural collagen production, and lifts and tighetns skin.

Overall, I am very happy with this. I have not broken out, and it gives just enough moisture for me.

Another big plus : it comes in whopping big jar. The picture looks small, and most skin creams come in small jars, this is 1.7 oz, which is the size of many perfume bottles, to give you a reference. So for $52.50 you get a jar that will last a long time.

Zero Gravity also comes in Very Dry Skin, and Dry /Combo skin versions. If you have a favorite Clinique rep, or hit a Sephora that stocks it, you may be able to get a sample to try first. I find it so much better to do that, but it's not always available .

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