Monday, September 17, 2007

Emmy Night

My Emmy fashions post is not going to be a long one ,as so far I haven't seen much to talk about. What a sorry collection of dresses. These women can have any designer they want, and even pay people to dress them, surely they could have done better than what I've seen so far. Now, I have not seen all the arrivals pictures, but a good few. Many will swoon over the same things I didn't, but it's all in ones own taste.

The best dressed pair- Ellen and Portia. Portia looks great and Ellen even donned jewelry. Felicity Huffman and Hubby Bill looked darn good( they are always each other's best accessory).

I had high hopes for Mary Louise Parker until I saw the bottom of her dress, oops.
Ellen Pompeo's "do" aged her like 2 decades. The hair by itself was interesting but it isn't on her. Way, way too aging and old.

I wasn't impressed with Eva Longoria's dress, but her makeup hit it out of the park. She always has these amazing lashes, and the nude lip works so well on her.

Who else hit it out? Kate Walsh- stunning in draped, clingy red with perfect hair, and Chandra Wilson in beaded blue number, and America Ferrara ,also in blue . And look at Kristen Bell , super beauty in that dress. I am also happy to see that 2 of my best dressed are women of a real size, not the super thin Hollywood ideal, and showing that ideal just how a girl can look good.

So what happenned to Kyra Sedgwick, Sandra Oh, Sally Field,and more?? They are wonderful and beautiful, they need dresses that say that better.

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