Monday, January 5, 2009

Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual & Brights Collection

December saw the release of both Bobbi Brown's new book- The Makeup Manual, and the Brights collection with its super fun Brights palette.
Got a bookstore gift card and want something beauty related? Try Bobbi's Makeup Manual. It's full of great photos,and tutorials. There is also a section for those who want to put together a professional kit, and tips on getting into the business.

I have only read a little so far, but learned a lot. It's very user friendly. The pages with her kit , show the "Fun" kit that inspired the Brights palette. The collection showcases bright shades to be mixed and blended for pro results.

The Brights palette is super pretty. I love bright colors, so have been having fun trying the greens and purples. The palette is pretty compact and has a large mirror. It even has nice big metal hinges on the outside . You can find every shade you could want in there.

The colors are all mattes and when you get them on , blend fast. They "stick" to eyes , which means they also last really well.

Also in the Brights line are new shades of Creamy Lipcolor. I was thrilled to see these as I have been wearing my favorite creamy shade, Bronzed Pink, a lot lately. Bronzed Pink is actually not pink or bronze but the perfect nude shade.

The new shades include one called Rose Brown , which is just that. A pretty, medium shade. Not light but not too dark.

The thing with the Creamy lipcolors is the moisture. These pack major moisture for a lipstick. They have shea butter in them and while hard in the tube, when on, are creamy as could be and great for lips. I love them.

The other lip shades are:
Retro Pink
Coral Pink
Pale Mauve

The Brights palette is $ 70.00

Creamy Lip Color $ 22.00

Makeup Manual retails for $32.95( but bookstore coupons are very easy to come by), and is at Bobbi Brown counters as well.

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