Friday, January 16, 2009

Darphin Age Defying Lip Balm

French skincare line Darphin has released new Age Defying Lip Balm. Darphin is known for amazing skincare and although I have yet to try this new balm, I imagine it's pretty good. I would be happy to try it next time I am near a Darphin counter.
It is also expensive at $ 40.00.

You may think 40.00 for a lip balm? Yes it's a lot, but not only does it have a super moisturizing ingredient list,( including super hot Argan oil, shown to be one of the best oils to really get into the skin) it also may be just the thing you need to treat yourself to. Something that will get your lips through these extremely cold temps we've been having and be uber-luxe at the same time. I've said before, it's up to each person how they spend their money. I happily pass on the info, since little makes me as happy as beauty news. You take it from there .

According to Darphin the balm "has a soft and sensual scent which has been carefully composed to deliver feelings of well-being and pampering. The delicate fragrance is comprised of vanilla, Gaïac Wood, and essential oils from sweet almond, plum, orange and rosewood. "

Ingredients include:

-Plum Oil: Harvested in French farmlands, rich in unsaturated acids and vitamin E.

- Kokum Butter: Culled from fields just south of India, it is known as the ultimate emollient.
-Mango Butter: Gathered in India, this repairs the epidermis and improves the skin barrier.

- Sunflower Oil: Sourced from the United States, this oil is revered for its medicinal virtues and is loaded with vitamins E and F.

-Maxi Lip™: This peptide stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen, acting as a cellular messenger that improves the density of the skin and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles.

-Organic Argan Oil & Rosemary Oil: Together, these form a natural antioxidant complex that neutralizes free radicals and helps to protect the lips from aging.

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Kimberly said...

Wow $40, sounds great though. Nice list of ingredients, I'm gonna research them & maybe make my own version of it.