Monday, January 26, 2009

Kyra Sedgwick at SAGs

Since tonight was a new espisode of The Closer and Kyra Sedgwick so rocks as Brenda , as well as being a fashionista on the red carpet, I thought I'd share her SAG awards look.

She usually looks great and this time as with the Golden Globes went for loose, flowy, pretty hair . She was also sporting black nails which was fun. Emily Blunt also went with black polish. It's still in fashion, friends and I'm glad. I just think it looks elegant even if it's mainstream now.

Her dress was a vintage Chanel couture from the early 80s. What's great is that it doesn't look dated at all. The top might have fit a bit better but then with vintage, it's not like you can tailor/order to size. I did love the flowy bottom. The necklace was gorg. Looked like amethysts and also vintage.

The dress came from Rare Vintage , a high end vintage( i.e. collectible) clothing shop in Manhattan. This is a place I want to go play in for sure ,browse at least.

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the movie mommy said...

Go Kyra, go Kyra! Yeah, she looked fab, as always! I am not into strapless on most people but if you the got the shoulders. Last year, when she won, she gave a great speech. I can't wait til next year's awards!