Saturday, January 17, 2009

Valentino Bouquet d'Ete Handbag

So I am innocuously hitting the Neiman Marcus site to check out more info on the Darphin lip balm I posted on yesterday, and what do I see- this amazing Valentino tote. Why do I always go for the most expensive bags? Well it's well out of the budget but I think it's a beauty.

It's called the Bouquet d'Ete bag and is made from printed taffeta. What strikes me is how vintage it looks and I am sure I could find something antique that just may be similar. I now have a mission for the next antiques show I go to, which should be sometime this month. I haven't been to one in awhile.

The Bouquet d'Ete bag sells for $ 1,595.00 and is only pre-order at the moment.

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theminx said...

If it's a Valentino bag, I usually want it. I plan to drool over them at Saks next month.