Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brooklyn from Bond 9 Perfumes

Brooklyn is the new scent from Bond 9 perfumes. The next in their series of NYC neighborhoods.

It is very unisex and like so many of their scents, very well done.

It begins with a burst Cardomom and Juniper. Even though Grapefruit is listed as the main top note, I get very little citrus here. A hint of very new, clean leather joins in midway. Brooklyn has a metallic edge to it and the Cardamom is present throughout right into the drydown. It is not an exotic fragrance but cool and mostly masculine. Thats not to say women can't wear it. It is easily worn on a woman.

Brooklyn has good lasting power and light to medium sillage.

The bottle is a graffiti printed clear bottle , meant to evoke street art.

Notes per Bond 9:

-Zesty, fresh-cutGrapefruit

Tranquil Cypress-wood - picture
-Koi Pond in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Geranium Leaves drifting along the DUMBO
-Juniper Berries with the whiff of gin in a
Williamsburg martini

-The Cedarwood scent of a Fort Greene antiques shop
-Leather that’s redolent of Red Hook
-The tender-hearted tea-rose-esque aroma of Guaiacwood

Brooklyn EDP is 220.00 for 100ml and 145.00 for 50ml

Release is March 2009.

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