Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MAC New Studio Sculpt Foundation

MAC's newest foundation is Studio Sculpt . I've had a tube in my hot little hands for 2 days but only 1 of wearing it so far.

MAC says it's medium coverage but I think it's closer to full coverage, which I like. This is not a heavy foundation . It goes on fluidly, covers well but looks polished, finished, smooth and not cakey or overdone. It's got a beautiful finish, more natural than you would think.

It's also very good for your skin. Moisturizing but not dewy. The moisturizers scare me a bit, as it has shea butter in it. I love shea butter, but not on my face. Too oily for that normally, but I love this, so I am using it. When I last used a shea butter based eye cream, I broke out. So far, so good here and the shea concentration is much lower. When you squeeze this out of the tube, you get a dense liquid that feels light as could be on your face. It is a gel-cream formula, that is easily blended. It's recommended for all skin types, but mainly dry or mature. I'm neither, but for now I'm wearing it.

Studio Sculpt was developed in response to makeup artists wanting a high end foundation that could withstand backstage use and care for women's skin at the same time. It needed to be long wearing, buildable coverage and hydrating. Thus Studio Sculpt was born and has been tested at Fashion Weeks for the past 2 years.

From MAC:
"The easy squeeze tube eliminates waste; just dole out the amount needed for each application. Every drop contains uniquely formulated micronized silicone-coated pigments that keep color true, so it appears to sink into the skin without ever becoming mask-like or cakey. A cushiony gel base helps color slip onto skin for a medium-coverage silky finish. The smooth formula offers ample blending time for near mistake-proof application yet adheres flawlessly and stays in place for hours of beautiful wear. "

Ingredients include yeast extracts, sodiun hyaluronate as well as the shea to boost moisture, Hyberlea Rhodopsensis Leaf Extract, Beet Root and Tamarind Seed for helping skin to be more hydryated overall in the long term, Soft Focus Powders, and Quercus Suber Bark and a PCA that combined with a polymer helps the complexion look tighter and smoother.

So all that means simply that it looks very good. The Mom made off with the tube today and it looked practically flawless on her. She rarely wavers on using her mainstay foundation( which sells for over 50.00 so this could be a big savings) but she gives this big props.
Studio Sculpt is on counter Feb. 8th along with a matching full coverage concealer. The concealer is also a gel-cream formula.

Foundation $ 28.00
Concealer $ $ 16.50

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Bubbles said...

I really like this foundation, but a little bit goes a long way. I prefer it over the Studio Fix Fluid for everyday use, but I don't like using it for full coverage, because it feels so light and its kind of creamy, and to me, applying it full coverage feels kind of weird.

So for full coverage, I stick with Studio Fix Fluid. But for everyday, I use Studio Sculpt.