Thursday, January 8, 2009

Issac Mizrahi for Liz Claiborne Images

Sometime this spring Isaac Mizrahi's first designs for Liz Claiborne will hit stores. Since reading Mizrahi was doing this line, I have had hopes for it. Liz used to be such a go to brand for many. It was priced well, well tailored and work friendly. Then it faltered, went frumpy and now there are some good looks but not enough. I still have some pieces from years ago and truthfully with a tweak or two they are still wearable now. Adding Mizrahi hopefully is good. He has always designed excellent looks. He runway lines, his current couture dresses and his Target line. His Target line was the star of the store in my opinion. Far better tailored and quality than any of the GO lines.

Yesterday Women's Wear Daily had pictures of some of the new outfits. It's a mixed bag but the denim suit caught my eye. The Coral halterdress is pretty as well, but not sure about the fluffy collar thing.

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