Saturday, January 10, 2009

2008 Favorite Things

Thanks to great blogger Grayburn( over in the Netherlands) for putting together the Favorites posts this year. A number of bloggers have joined together and will all be posting today. A full list will be at the end of this post.

Some of these will be ones I have reviewed before , a few are new. I will try to include links back to the original review in case you are interested( Right now they aren't working. Will try to fix that) Also, let me say, it's hard to pick the favorites as I really liked much of what I tried/used. So these are the very tops.

Please add in the comments what some of your favorites were. I love lists like that and there are so many choices and opinions out there.

-Favorites 2008-

-MAC Tendertones- makes the list again this year. New shades, same great balm. Color, tons of moisture, a little gloss. If only they came in a tube, could it be better.

-Bobbi Brown Glitter Lip Balms- I didn't think anything could sway me from my Tendertone love, but these are up there with them. My eyes lit up when I found out there would be a bronzy lip balm. You hardly ever see that. Copper Bronze is so beautiful, it's perfect. A warm , not too dark, but definitely there, golden brown with plenty of shimmer. Not only that but it moisturizes in a big way, and the color and moisture last really long. It's unusual to get long color out of a balm. It will wear down some but still be there for hours. I use this instead of lipstick a lot. Again, if only it was in a stick, but I'll take what I can get. The Pink and Clear versions are nice too.Review Here

- Biotherm Multi Recharge Energizing Eye Care serum- something that didn't make it to a regular review, but I wanted to. A great light serum. Sinks in fast and is so refreshing and slightly cooling. It only gives a little moisture but does firm and just feels so good after a long day or first thing in morning. Peps up and soothes the eye area and has mother of pearl for brightening.

- Chanel Beige perfume- Chanel managed to give us one of the best this year, or any. Beige went straight to the top of my favorite perfumes ever list and if you saw my collection, you'd know that was major. I always have a hard time describing it, but lets say it's a bit floral, a hint of honey and barely there warm woods . It's just beautiful, thats all. This is my favorite of the year in beauty period. Review Here

- By Kilian Prelude To Love - Another gorgeous scent. This one is all citrus and a little floral. Zesty and wonderful. My new favorite By Kilian. Review Here

- The Body Shop Cranberry Body Butter- ok this isn't new, but it sort of is. No more parabens . I had stopped using the butters for awhile as I wished they were paraben free. Now they are and I am back in love with my most favorite Cranberry butter. The smell is a bit different from when I last used it and it's pink now instead of of white, but it still is awesome smelling and moisturizing. Glad to be back together with it.

- Sebastian Liquid Steel Styling Gel- another product thats been on the "to post" list. My all time favorite hair gel ever was Sebastian Control Top. This is their newer gel and it's pretty darn good too. Serious hold and styling ability. No grease, wax or shine. The name says it all.

-L'Oreal Beauty Tubes mascara- mascara that never ever runs, or smudges, stays put all day & night. Lengthens in a big way , even adds some volume. Honorable mention to Estee Lauder TurboLash- truly fabulous, super long lashes and long wearing.

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate-
this is a release from last year but it made tops this year as I used it all summer and fall. A fab product for people like me who have super oily skin especially in hot,humid summers. About the only thing I can put on my face in summer. Makes skin glowy and smooth and because it's a gel serum, it feels cool going on. I tend to love this whole line so wondering if the new body version will make next years tops? About to test it shortly.

-Eve Lom Cuticle Cream- Best stuff I have used. My nails look so shiny . They are also stronger and the cuticle and area around the nails is staying more moisturized. A tiny bit does several nails . It just works. Review Here

- MAC Pearlglide eyeliners- Oh the colors. Bankroll and Rave, swoon. Wolf is great too. I can't use these enough but don't want to wear them down either . You want fast color with no effort , grab one . They go on smooth, creamy, and shimmery. I want them all and in backups. Too bad they were LE, but some counters have a few left. I only bought Wolf a few weeks ago.

-Lady Caron Parfum- A longtime fan of Lady Caron in EDP( thanks to Blogdorf Goodman contributor Cavewoman), I tried the pure parfum recently. It was mind altering. There is nothing like pure parfum in general, and this was just glorious white florals. Not loud, but stunning.

-Biotherm Eau Pure Body Spray/Fragrance- the second Biotherm on the list. I don't think many summer days went by when I didn't spray this on. Refreshing citrus , immediately uplifting on a hot day.Review Here

- Nixie Large Fan Brush- Do I use this brush a lot? No. Do I love it? Yes. It's just the coolest and it is wonderful for bronzers and Mineralize Skinfinishs from MAC. Great quality and fun.


Grayburn said...

I also love a good balm but the one from BB sounds too amazing to pass. I'm going to check out that eye cream tomorrow when I have filled up my shopping list from reading of of your favorite things list!

Have a great weekend and thanks again for sharing your favorites with us!

x Grayburn

Roxy said...

You've got FANTASTIC products on your list. I see you have my mascara on yours as well - the L'Oreal Beauty Tubes - don't they rock!

I like the Pearlgliders and the BB glosses too. What intrigues me most from your list is that by Killian fragrance. Off to read your review of it now and perhaps see if I can snap up a sample of it somewhere to try - yummy!

Thanks for sharing your list. I'm having so much fun reading everyone's. Much joy to you this new year!


Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks Roxy, this is fun to do and I love reading everyone's too.

Budget Beauty Mommy said...

Hmm... I simply adore lip balms and all things lippy. Those Bobbi Brown glittering balms seem so cute! I've gotta get some for myself

i didn't know the new cranberry body butter is paraben free. That's great news. I'm off to stock up on more goodies.

Thanks for the list