Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bobbi Brown Blush Sticks & Perfectly Defined Mascara

Bobbi Brown's newest collection is the Sheer Color Nauticals. It's a small one with new Sheer Color Cheek Tint and Sheer Color Lipgloss.

The Sheer Color Cheek Tints are the cutest. They are a gel/cream stick and come in a small, tuck anywhere tube.

These are very slick so not best for those with very oily skin but normal and dry skinned ladies will love them. The colors looks very bold in the tubes but really do go on very sheer. They blend easily and seem to last pretty well too.

These are perfect for carrying in purse or bag, keeping in a desk drawer for touch ups etc. They weigh little and can go anywhere.

Pictured is Sheer Raspberry. Other colors are ( all begin with Sheer) Mauve, Pink, Blackberry, Lilac and Coral.

Retail is $ 22.00

Launching alongside this line is a new mascara called Perfectly Defined.

Bobbi's mascara is a huge seller according to the company, but they hardly ever promote it. I have never tried the first one, but I love this new one. It doesn't give much volume and I miss that, but it does define each lash well and adds nice length. It is a more natural look but not too natural. Best of all it stays put. Through my watery eyes the other night and even through washing. Cleanser didn't take this off , you need eye makeup remover. So this is great for good looking lashes that will hold on all day.

The info states that this is truly long wearing , waterproof and is a quick drying formula that sets immediately after applying.

Retails for $ 24.00

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