Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LUSH Vanilla

Lush has released the long awaited ( at least by me) Vanilla collection. All new Lush is exciting in these parts.

One of the most exciting things was that there was a new body powder. I adore powders and am always on the lookout for new one.
I've test run the body powder, solid perfume and body lotion.

-Vanilla Delite Body Lotion- Super creamy and moisturizing. Smells very soft baked vanilla but with a hint of floral. They've added some jasmine absolute and it works nicely. This is one lotion that is more than fragrance, it's a heavy duty lotion as well with high Vitamin C content , fresh kiwi fruit and extra virgin coconut oil ($ 24.95)

-Vanillary Solid Perfume- This smells more real vanilla. Vanilla bean vanilla, with that nuttiness. Less sweet than the lotion and I like it even better. ($ 11.95)

-Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder- very much like the scent of the lotion with the added jasmine. Not too cake batter smelling. It's soft , fragrant and a little goes a long way. A pretty additon to the powder line and one most are sure to love. I can't recall too many vanilla powders, so if you love the scent, snap it up. You won't be sorry.( $ 10.95)

The line also has a massage bar , regular bath bomb and extra large bath bomb.

All are online now at and on the UK site as well I believe.


the movie mommy said...

I love most LUSH stuff. I didn't know that had powders! If you get any extra of those...think of me!
I love using powders in the summer. I know you have a great collection yourself.

Kim said...

I'm so excited about these products. Lush products are amazing!