Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Strange Invisible Perfumes

I love the name of this line. Although we don't want invisible perfume, strange works at times. It's simply a good name though as these are not strange or invisible.

The company is an all botanic fragrance house. Founded by Alexandra Balahoutis, she uses organic, wild crafted or biodynamic essences in a base of 100 % organic grape alcohol. That means these are perfume oils, and high quality ones.

The spring collection consists of 3 soliflores with Balahoutis aiming to capture the flower as it grows. She does a good job of this. All are earthy yet pretty, and green.

-Aquarian Rose- has a watery and aquatic way . The rose is light and not as the perfumer says "A rose in a vase" This rose is meant to be unisex, a rose a man can wear. Marjoram and Sandalwood are in the mix with the rose.

-Epic Gardenia- is creamy and lush as gardenia should be but a bit green as well. Not too green , but enough to cut the headiness gardenia can bring ( although personally, I like my gardenia full on, but not everyone does.) It is still gardenia though, so a bit bold and lovely.

-Urban Lily is also creamy and green. Very green to my nose. Balahoutis is going off the idea of the freshly blooming lily of the valleys that pops up in spring and the idea that this lily is still planted is very much there. The dirt mixes with the flower.

Strange Invisible Perfumes comes in a pure parfum .25 oz at $ 210.00 and a 1.7 oz eauz de parfum at $ 175.00.

They can be bought at http://www.strangeinvisibleperfumes.com/, or http://www.beautyhabit.com/ and some specialty retailers.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you know this, but "strange invisible perfume" is a Shakespearean quote, from ummm Cleopatra, I think. Great perfumes, too.