Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marc Jacobs Summer Splashes

Marc Jacobs Summer Splashes have been released each Spring for the past few years. This year brings back two favorites Rain and Cucumber, and adds a new one ,Lemon. I remember loving the Violet the first year they came out but had not tried Rain or Cucumber before.

-Rain is not overly aquatic like you would think but it does have a "wet "scent,( wet cut grass note), there's a hint of sweetness and citrus ( strawberry and clementine zest notes) and a touch of sunny-ness more like the pavement when the sun begins to come out after rain. Other notes include orchid, passion flower, amber and musk.
Rain is my favorite of the 3, which surprised me although after reading the notes I shouldn't be.
I find it really refrshing and will reach for it a lot in the hot summer.

-Cucumber is very cucumber and is more aquatic than Rain oddly. I also get a lot of the freesia as well. Notes include , lotus leaf, linden blossom, freesia, musk, blonde woods.

-Lemon has a lot more in it than just lemon. It's very pretty but not really a full on citrus . If you want a lighter citrus scent than this might be for you. Notes include crushed mint leaves, verbena, petitgrain, iced lemon orpur which is said to be the purest form of hand pressed lemon oil from Italy, honeysuckle, cotton musk and amber. It's a very cool scent as the notes would indicate.

All of these are nice and light . I think of them more as body sprays. They can spritzed with more abandon than a perfume. Any of them will be great on a hot day or if you like your scent more understated.

The bottles are huge at 10 oz( 300ml) The large size can be a bit ungainly to hold onto but you get your money's worth. They sell for $ 68.00 at Sephora and more.

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