Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque

A tiny blurb in the writers section of the new Allure magazine alerted me to an upcoming new Chanel lipstick.

I immediately hit the net to find out what I could. Turns out the new Rouge Allure Laque, a lipstick /gloss hybrid, is already out in Europe, but won't hit our shores until Fall. I found some good info on a darling Irish blog ( you can hear that beautiful accent in the writing ) called the blog, on, and a Chanel site. I've gathered the info here, as well as the link to a video of makeup artist Kay Montano of the UK using it in a demo.

The product looks wonderful. It's been a great year so far for new lipsticks and this one seems to share a lot with new Lancome Laque Fever. I adore Laque Fever , so chances are good I will love this Chanel too. The hardest part is the wait. Do I have a Europe friend send me one? Do I need to spend in euros , where better exchange rate or not it is still more ?

Retail in euros is 30.50

International readers- have you tried Rouge Allure Laque yet? Let me know if you have and what you thought of it. One thing I noticed in the video is that the wand seems short ?

OK, heres what Chanel has to say:

"Rouge Allure Laque- is the ideal weapon of ultimate seduction that gives the lips an even more “dressed-up” style. This little jewel in black lacquered glass conceals an “artist’s brush” applicator, the secret weapon of precision for perfectly defined lips. It offers a new, elegant beauty gesture. It combines the easy application of a gloss with the makeup finish of a lipstick.A brilliantly stylised signature for the lips. Its light, creamy texture, filled with “soft focus” coated pigments, coats lips in intense colour and lacquered shine. A botanical jelling agent provides perfect hold, while Jojoba oil extract ensures extreme comfort."

Video demo:

Some info from :
Times Online


Anonymous said...

I can not wait for this to hit US stores!!!!! I usually do not like pink on my lips as my lips are very rosy in color and the color just looks like rose but..... the video above shoes the pink color ( Ming is it? ) to be light and petal like and I think it may be gorgeous! Why does Europe get to have the fun first with this product?! Oh well, it will take the sting out of summer ending knowing there is something ( Rouge Allure Laque )to look forward to for fall besides apples and brightly colored leaves.

Kristin said...

I purchased the Ming Rouge Allure Laque when I was on my honeymoon in Antigua. It is amazing! I contacted Chanel to find out if I could get it in the US but they said it was only available overseas. I hope it does launch here in the fall because it's such a fantastic product.