Friday, April 10, 2009

St. Tropez Self Tanners

St. Tropez has been one of the gold standards in self tanning for many years.

This year they have revamped a bit with their new Aromaguard™ technology. Aromaguard lessens that self tanner " stink" .

I used the Self Tan Mist yesterday on my arms. Incredibly there was almost no smell at all. When I went nose to arm it was there a tiny bit, but no wafting of it all over. I also got a nice tint of bronze. I'm quite pale and while I love a deeper ( self) tan, I'm not quite ready for that yet. This was just enough and blended well into the parts of my hand and arm that I didn't use the tanner on. What we call a healthy glow. The spray has bit of bronzer in it, so some color was immediate but again just enough.

Can I say how nice it is not to be so pale ? Enjoying that.

The Bronzing Mousse works in the same way. A good coat of bronze first and then a great tan develops over the day. This one seems to give deeper color with the first use.
Best part, everyone you meet won't know you applied self tanner. This Aromaguard works really well . It was sorely needed.

St. Tropez has a wide range of products and when I got ready to do this post, I noticed that the line is appearing on QVC today for the first time. It will air at 6PM EST today( The 10th)

QVC will be featuring many of the products. Bestsellers like the mousse and newer ones. Fiona Locke , St. Tropez's resident expert will be there to do demos .

Products scheduled to be featured include:
-Perfect Legs – this season’s must-have: self tanner and cosmetic -bronzer for flawless legs
-Rapide Face – a daily tanner and skin treatment
-Everyday Mousse – a lightweight foam that produces a gradual tan
-Everyday Face & Body – gradual tanning in a lightweight lotion
-Bronzing Mousse – a rich tanning mousse
-Tan Intensifier – prolong a rich, golden glow
-Discovery Set – a great way to discover the joys of tanning

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the movie mommy said...

Cool. I used a self-tanner you recommended 2 years ago. I forget the brand (maybe coppertone?)but it was two creams that came out together. I liked it. But I like the sound of this stuff as well. Not living in Florida (where you get tan just to and from your car) anymore I feel whiter than ever! I might give this a shot. Thanks!