Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bobbi Brown Sandbar Soap Is Back

I was just cruising the Bobbi brown website and saw that the Sandbar soap is back for summer. To me, at least, this is very exciting news. Sandbar is LE and only here for awhile.

What it is , is the best smelling soap ever. Fragranced with Bobbi's Beach scent, Sandbar smells like the best beach day you've had. There's suntan lotion, salty air and a sand gritty side for exfoliating.

Some of the actual notes are mandarin, sand jasmine and sea spray. You simply have to smell it, to get it. It's one of the few items I stockpile. I have so much stuff , so I rarely do that. This soap is worth it.

There's a great story behind this soap as well, which was told to me by Bobbi herself during Fashion Week. Hopefully I can remember it correctly.

Bobbi was at a market of some sort, and there was a young girl there who made homeade soap. Bobbi loved her soaps and established a rapport with the girl. Eventually through this relationship, she asked her to create a soap for her and Sandbar was born. Thats the basic story. I know there was more. No matter, it's still a good story.

So go grab your Sandbar while you can.

$ 16.00 for 4.4 oz bar

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