Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lierac Morpho-Slim

For the past 3 weeks I have been using Lierac's new Morpho -Slim ( almost) every day. Cellulite products are a toughie. Nothing takes it away but some products can help smooth it all down a bit.

Now I confess to having larger legs. I am not skinny. So my legs need all the help they can get. Since I haven't got myself on the treadmill lately, well we do what can. Namely apply products and hope .

The Morpho -Slim is a lovely product. It's a gel and smells wonderful. Sort of citrus but not really lemony. Just fresh. It sinks in pretty fast and does moisturize a little too.

So how did it work ? My skin definitely seems firmer. My cellulite is still there but the skin is more taut and smoother. Lierac recommends a massaging action when using this and I tried to do that most times. Any cellulite cream/gel works better when you can get those bumps moving around some. For firming things up, I like this. I have begun using it my arms now too.

Lierac has put their exclusive Lipo-Reverse complex, a combination of super-concentrated active caffeine (10%) and glaucine complex (2.5%) for simultaneous action on the appearance of cellulite and skin firmness, into Morpho-Slim. It also has active caffiene & glaucine complex.

The product sells for $ 55.00 for 7 oz ( 200ml) pump bottle and is available at CVS stores that carry Lierac, Longs & Duane Reade drugstores, http://www.drugstore.com/ and soon online at Lierac. They will be launching a US shopping site in May. Other countries have online shopping as well.
You can read more at www.lierac.com/uk


SoSheSays said...

I have it also but have only used it about 4 times and not constantly.
Combined with a period in which i drank much tea it was really slimming especially in the tummy area where i have some issues...
Now that i read your review i think it's time i try thata again starting from today :)

Beauty Alchemist said...

NBE- Good Luck. These type of products do take time to work.