Monday, April 27, 2009

Clinique Sun Care w/ Solar Smart

Clinique's newest suncare is out now. This is one line of suncare I've used for years. Years ago when on a trip to Cancun, I had with me their old , gel sunblock. It was one of the best then and it turned out several other people on that same trip all had their same bottle handy poolside. We all agreed how good it was. That was well before we were beginning to find out just how important sunscreen was.

Many advances in suncare have come since then and each year Clinique tweaks theirs to be better. This year brings Solar Smart which offers advanced UV protection, especially paying attention to more blocking of UVA rays. Employing photostable sunscreens and ingredients like RNA fragments, Cats Claw extract ( both are meant to encourage natural skin repair process), antioxidants like Vitamin E and Rosemary .The Face Cream also has plankton extract as a repairing enzyme.

The product line is large with Body Creams, Face Cream, a Body Spray and a SPF 45 stick, and an After Sun Balm.

Since this weekend was super hot and blisteringly sunny, I've been using the SPF 30 body cream, the SPF 30 face cream and the stick.

What I really like is that there is almost no scent, and very little stickiness. The creams are not greasy or heavy and sink right in. I can apply and go, and if I want to use perfume there is no interference. I don't even feel like I am wearing sunblock.

The SPF 45 stick is a special favorite. I love sticks like this. Not only portable but great for around the eyes, and lips etc . So easy to use and keep handy .The stick does have more moisture in it from Jojoba. It's emollient but that makes it nice for the eye area. I go through at least one stick type item each summer.

I confess to also loving the bright yellow packaging. I fall into the belief category that if something is more appealing to you , you will use it more. These just look sunny.

SPF 30 Body Cream $ 20.00 for 5 oz
SPF 30 face Cream $ 17.50 1.7 oz
SPF 45 Targeted Protection Stick $ 17.50

( More products available at counters and online)

PS: Some great Self Tan items are out as well. A new Airbrush Spray, a Tinted Gel and a Gradual Lotion. Last years gradual tanner was a huge hit and I went through 3 tubes.

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