Wednesday, September 26, 2007

DKNY Delicious Night Fragrance

DKNY is releasing next month new Delicious Night as a tribute to the pulsing nights of Manhattan.
No apple in this one, it's billed as smelling more like a blackberry martini. Notes include pomelo,orchid, freesia, jasmine amber, myrhh, and vetiver.

I smell much blackberry from opening through drydown, but not too much martini, the scent doesn't yell "alcoholic drink " at you. I wonder how this would layer with Demeter's Gin and Tonic( which I don't own , unfortunately). I think it would make a stellar combo.

Delicious Night is not an overly fruity fragrance despite the pomelo and blackberry. There is definitely plenty of floral and a muskiness as well. I get a lot of the freesia , jasmine , and amber as well as the blackberry. It's a floral-amber melange.

It would work well day or evening, and has good sillage and lasts quite well.

The perfume comes in the Delicious style bottle but in a beautiful deep purple black shade. It reminds me of an apple the Wicked Queen in Snow White would have. The color of the bottle is enough to want to display it. It looks just a bit wicked, and is far darker than it looks in the picture.

The scent comes in an EDP in 2 sizes, as well a shower gel, lipgloss and body lotion.

It will be first at Bloomingdales in October.

1.7oz EDP-52.00

3.4oz EDP-66.00

Shower Gel- 32.00


Lipgloss -16.00

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Anonymous said...

great review. i personally like the original Be Delicious.