Friday, January 25, 2008

Clinique Lash Power Mascara and new Spring Look

Clinique has launched stateside one of the best selling Asian market mascaras- Lash Power. What makes this special is ingredients called Advance Thermal Technology used especially to keep the mascara on your eyes despite oils on skin, high humidity, swimming, rain etc.

Now I can put any mascara to the test, many or should I say most, run on me. When I read that this was oil and humidity resistant, I was very happy. In my test run Lash Power did hold up all day. No runs or smudges , and a tiny bit flaking by the end of the day.
It doesn't really volumize lashes but does lengthen really well and add curl. The brush is very small to get to the tiniest lashes, and the real acid test for me was using it on my bottom lashes, a no no normally. While it didn't last all day on those bottom lashes, it also didn't run down them either. I can handle that.
Now I keep wondering what else is over in the Asian markets that I could really use?

The mascara removes with hot water, not cleanser, and they do mean hot water, lukewarm does not work.

Lash Power($ 14.00) is part of the new Spring Collection Nude Blush. Trio blushes, matte eyeshadow duos, and new Buttershine lipstick and Creamshaper for eyes shades and an new take on the company's long popular( and great) loose face powder- Blended Face Powder in Invisible Light are part of the Spring line as well.

Nude Blush hits counters in February.

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