Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Newest Item

In reading a piece on Osmoz featuring items relating to a cold Russian winter, they featured this Pupa makeup Kit called the Puposka, a riff on the Matryoska dolls of Russia. Having always loved those dolls, I really thought it would be great to have one of these. Luckily I located one quite by accident for swap.

My Puposka is the small one, 4 inches tall, and each side opens to reveal the same makeup. 2 purple eyeshadows and 2 lipglosses. The face flips aside to a mirror. I didn't even care what the makeup was like, but the shadows are actually nice. There are also large and medium ones I beleive.

I have used Pupa makeup before, many years ago and loved it. I had a couple plain kits and since one is still around, pictured it here. This line is not easy to find here in the US, but it's fun and decent quaility if you do see it. They seem to specialize in fun and sometimes odd kits, personally I find them fun.
I have a friend ( that would be you Minxie) headed to Italy this summer, so I plan to hit her up for some more things from this line .

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theminx said...

heh. Remind me before I leave and I'll definitely keep an eye out!