Thursday, January 3, 2008

Island Capri Michael Kors

Island Capri is the newest perfume from Michael Kors, and next in the Island series.

To my nose this one is markedly different from Island Hawaii which was more tropical and floral. I get a lot of the bergamot note from this as well as violet's powder-y goodness. During the mid point it gets more fruity but not too much so. The midpoint seems a bit like berry and I realize that it's fig. There is at times an almost unisex feel to it, definitely more feminine but not as overly so as the more floral ones.

I can feel ( or smell) the Mediterranean idea here, and it's a very pretty fragrance.

The biggest surprise was the Body Gelee available. This is such a soft, creamy yet fast drying scented gel. It seems to have lots of moisture and feels so nice on the skin. The scent is much lighter than the EDP . I absolutely love this . You have to give it a test.

A pink tinted lip balm/gloss rounds out the Island Capri collection.

Here are the official notes:
"A sparkling colorful floral infused with orange bigarade, succulent bergamot, velvety violet de parma and rich dark fig, and the rich sophistication of olive tree accord paired with warm white moss capture the essence of the indulgent lifestyle of the island of Capri. Sparkling. Feminine. Sensual"

1.7 oz EDP is 60.00
5.1 oz Body Gelee is 27.50
Tinted Lip Balm 12.00

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