Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fashion On Ice

Back in November I attended the Fashion On Ice skating show. An ice show that adds costumes created by top designers specifically for the event definitely got my attention. This years show featured designs by Heatherette, John Bartlett for men, and Tracy Reese and Victoria Bartlett.

Needless to say the Heatherette costumes ( what I most went to see) were wonderful and fun. Tracy Reese did dresses that were unmistakably her, and oh so pretty. The one worn by Joannie Rochettte in bright red with a gold satin underlining was gorgeous.

Heatherette standouts were the opening dress for Sasha Cohen, flowing with feathers, but also with an edge, and the first outfit for Tanith Belbin. Silver hotpants and a pair of stocking adorned with crystal glitter- I want those stockings.

I had the chance to meet and chat with several of the skaters, and they were all not only very nice but thrilled to work with the designers. They get to keep their costumes( I asked), and enjoyed the brush with fashion. They were all happy to talk about it, and Steven Cousins and I talked about his using the Keane song Atlantic in one of his numbers. Seems we are both fans. It's a great number too.

Sarah Brighman performed live and was equally decked out in some beautiful gowns. I do not know if hers were provided by the designers but I would think so. She debuts work from her new album, and althugh I was not a big fan previous to this, after hearing her live, I have to say , she was amazing.

The show airs on NBC this Sunday Jan. 20 from 4-6 PM, with more airings later on the Style Network.

Other skaters include Evan Lysacek, Shae Lynn Bourne, Caryn Kadavy,and more.

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