Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Genius Brush

I saw this brush in a Walgreens some time back and thought I need to try this. It wasn't cheap so I waited until Christmas and asked for it as gift.( I know, so rarely practical of me). It was also featured in the Nov. or Dec. issue of Lucky Magazine in a small ad.

The brush is by Goody and has copper plated wire bristles said to be proven to keep scalp from flaking and drying out. I get the dry thing when the weather turns cold, so this sounded good.

I have to say that after almost 2 weeks of use, I am seriously impressed. Not only it is a great brush with a nice weight, and large paddle shape, but my hair and scalp are great. No flakes, less dry and we had some very cold windy days recently. I am using my Nioxin shampoo alternately with Natures Gate tea tree shampoo, but I used the Natures Gate last year and while it works well, things are much better with this brush.

Goody has come out with a whole line of special brushes including ones that add moisture and reduce static. I think it's pretty good to be able to solve hair issues with a brush.
The brush is at drugstores and retails for around 15.00.

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Dink said...

I bought this for my husband as soon as it came out. He has always suffered from a dry, flaky scalp and it has made a huge improvement. This has worked far better than any shampoo he has tried. We were skeptical, but are now firm believers that this brush works!