Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MAC Moisturelush Eye Cream

I am an eye cream nut, and am always ready to try most of the new ones that hit the market. For the past week I have been using MAC's new Moisturelush eye cream. This hit counters back in December, but I was slow to get around to getting it.

The cream has a bit of a whipped texture almost. It has some very fine iridescence to help brighten the eye area, but it's very little. You have to really look. The cream is very moisturizing which is the most important thing to me. I do not have to have all types of anti-agers in my eye cream, although it doesn't hurt. The real thing is the moisture as my eyes get so dry. This sinks in well ,and doesn't burn or irritate at all. In the morning the eye area feels soft and there is some moisture still left there.

Moisturelush isn't going to miraculously take away wrinkles and lines, but it will soften them and make your eye area feel nice and soothed.

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