Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hermes Silky Pop Bag

Inspired ( or maybe thats enabled) by Jessica's piece on the Hermes boutique on the Now Smell This site, I decided to go to the Hermes site and look around. Of course I had to look at perfume first, but then tempted by the enamel bracelet link, looked at more of the goodies.

This bag is so cute and so practical, albeit it way too expensive at 960.00 ( at least for me). You get this adorable little leather case, and it "pops" open to give you a full size silk bag. Mon Dieu.

I may hit the Hermes boutique when I am in NY next month to pick up some fragrance samples, so I will have to check these out in person. My partner in crime, the Minx, has already agreed that it's a must.

Now many years ago, my grandmom gave me a similar, but cheap, bag. It was not pretty at all, but they way a full size bag folded into a little pocket pouch was great and traveled with me to a few places. This is a great idea, and so maybe, I will stumble upon a more happy medium.


Anonymous said...

The Hermes store in nyc is lovely, but if you find yourself in Paris- that's the one that'll leave you feeling a little faint ;)

Lily x

Beauty Alchemist said...

I bet :)))
I was there briefly, but missed the Hermes store. next trip, maybe.