Sunday, January 27, 2008

SAG Awards Fashion

The stars brought out the glam tonight at the SAG awards. There was lots of color, and strapless looks. There was also a lack of jewele, especially necklaces and many gown could really have benefited from one. Also, whats up with dishwater brown gowns? Edie Flaco and Michele Pfeiffer, both beautiful women looked plainer than plain. Brown dresses, and little jewelry and on Falco almost no makeup. Boring.

Yes Angelina mostly pulled off her muddy brown billowy number, but no matter what you think of her, she looks good in just about anything, even a tent.

Best of the night

- Debra Messing in Oscar De La Renta. It's all there, goddess hair, smoky copper eyes, and a fab dress

-Marcia Cross who's stylist always knows how to perfectly pick a dress to match her coloring

- Kyra Sedgewick in a perfectly fitted bright blue number. Her chignon and makeup were perfect with it. The back view with the lace is not as nice, but this dress is so tailored to her figure.

Cate Blanchett is ,as many said, the most stunning pregnant lady, but I wasn't enthused by her pietra dura printed Balenciaga.Her earrings ,and porcelain perfect complexion on the other hand were total glam. This is what they mean by glowing.

I am bored with Eva Longoria Parker's clipped up hair. She has worked that look in how many shows now? Get creative. Not even putting the pic here. Yes, she looked nice, but nothing very new.

Brittany Snow glowed in a silver gown. She's not going to get as much press as the other big stars but she looked really nice.

Glenn Close looked tan and vibrant.This lady shows how you can be over whatever age she is and still be smokin' on the carpet.

Tan lines. I saw tan lines on several ladies including Vanessa Williams. No way.

Here's hoping for an Oscar's show.

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