Monday, April 6, 2009

Estee Lauder Double Wear Creme Eyeshadow

I am loving all the new long wearing creme eyeshadows coming out. Normally these last longer and they make fast makeup application a breeze. Just blend onto your eyes and go. Some days there just isn't time to do a look with multiple colors using multiple brushes.

These new Double Wear Stay In Place eyeshadows from Estee Lauder are an addition to the Double Wear line. I'm already on record as a big fan of the Double Wear powder and liquid foundations, and have been using the corresponding mascara of late. It's thick but it holds up all day.

The eyeshadows hold up all day too. They have serious staying power. I have the Silver Leaf shade which is really a taupe, with a good bit of brown. Think bronzy steel grey, not actual silver. Its's highly wearable .

There are 10 shades in all incl. Antique Gold, Vintage Violet, Sea Mist, and Blue Velvet.

I have seen them online now at Nordstrom, but not yet on the Estee Lauder main site.

Double Wear Stay In Place Shadow Creme sells for $ 17.50


Miss Kolleen said...

They crease :(

Beauty Alchemist said...

Really, they creased on you? I have the oiliest eyelids( when no makeup is on , you can see the oil slick on them) and these held up incredibly well on me. That rarely happens.

Well shows that everything is different on everyone . You tried.