Saturday, October 17, 2009

FTC Regulations Statement

I am sure many of you have heard about the new FTC regulations coming in December for bloggers. If you haven't , the very brief description is that the FTC will now require bloggers to let readers know where products reviewed came from. i.e - were they free samples sent by PR, bought, etc.

I receive many samples from PR companies and brand reps. Most bloggers do. I would say about 75% of all products reviewed have been free samples. Now, that in NO way changes what I feel about a product or colors my review in any way. I have never been paid to do a review and would never take payment for one.

I do tend to write about the things I like . I tend to gush about wonderful products. It's far for more fun to write about what you love, thats why I started this blog in the first place. I had no idea that free samples would be available when I began The Beauty Alchemist almost 3 years ago. It's wonderful that they are, but I would still write this blog free product or not. So, you will not see loads of negative reviews simply because I love most things . Few things cross my desk that I don't like at least a little. There are a few not so impressive and I've written about some of them too.

I also get samples at Sephora or counters , test things in store, buy them myself or trade off for them. I love trying everything new and I will find a way to try it whether a sample has come or not. Some items posted are also simply from images and information . Usually this will be a fashion post. I include a wide variety because, lets face it, there's a lot out there .

So you can assume that most of time, a product has been a given sample. But not always. And it does not affect what is written.

Thanks for reading this and my blog. I will keep a small disclaimer under the About Me page all the time for now and add more info if needed. Also, each post that is a press sample will be marked with a tiny asterisk and "press sample" noted at the bottom of that post.

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