Wednesday, October 7, 2009

YSL Parisienne

When YSL released Paris the perfume years ago, I made sure to get it when it came out. Then came Paris Babydoll. I got that one quick too. Babydoll isn't quite to my tastes now, but I , as do many, still think the original Paris a great scent.

Now we have Parisienne from YSL . This one meant as a tribute to Paris and the strong woman inspired and embraced by the City of Light.

Parisienne is very pretty . I hoped it would be a good one ( you never know these days) and it is. No it's not overly innovative or new, but what it is , is simply a nice perfume.

Created by Sophia Grosjman, a very well respected parfumeur who developed Paris ,along with Sophie Labbe, Parisienne is very much violet to my nose. Now I love violet, so this is a good start. The fragrance begins very effervescent, right into the violet. It's slightly sweet due to the blackberry, but I don't smell the actual berry note too much. As it dries the rose peeks out but not strongly.

The full drydown remains violet with a slightest hint of the musk and sandalwood bottom notes.

Sillage is medium as is lasting power.

This is not a strong scent, and you don't have to worry about overkill. I am particulary happy to see that the smallest size is $ 39.00. A great price point that makes this more accessible.

Top notes: vinyl accord, cranberry and blackberry
Middle notes: Damask rose, violet and peony
Base notes: musk, sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver

If you want to explore more, begininng Oct. 12, YSL is celebrating the launch of Parisienne, and to encouraging women to find their "inner Parisienne" by going to , where each a woman and her Parisienne experience is shared with other women.

They will have five bloggers will travel around the country to discover and reveal their very own Parisienne experiences in New York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and LA. will be the place for everyone to read daily blogs and discover stunning photography of "The Journey". It will also be where women can enter to win a trip to Paris and to Experience Parisienne for themselves.

1.0 oz $ 39.00
1.7 oz $ 65.00

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