Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Payot Les Purifiantes Skincare

I knew some about Payot skincare, after all they are a top of the line French brand that has been around for many years ( since 1927) . What I didn't know that they had a whole line of oily/acne skincare. That was interesting. After all, it being French and luxe made me think it would be an adult oriented line and more gentle . It also doesn't hurt that it's a lot more elegant than Clearasil type products. You can be chic even while battling the oilies.

I've found the line to be effective but not harsh or drying . There is a full line of products and I have been using a few of them off and on since mid summer.
Pate Grise- A drawing and drying paste of sorts. When put over an eruption it helps pull out the oil/sebum and reduce the size quickly. It has ingredients of Talc and Bituminous Schist to heal, and dry. This really works. Yes it's a bit goopy and grey in color, but that's fine. Just don't wear it out of the house. $ 30.00

So Pure Balancing and Purifying Serum- Formulated with green coffee extract, this is a serum you can apply day and night to help reduce oil and mattify. It has a bit of the smell of acne products but this does a nice job of helping keep pores a bit clearer and keeping the T- Zone more breakout free. It's a very moist feel on the skin and not tightening at all. I used it under makeup in hot summer, and at night. Now just at night . $ 44.00

Masque Purifiant- has green coffee and mineral salts as well as purified schist extract and salicyclic acid. All this adds up to a top notch clay mask that really smooths and de-oils. $ 39.00

Stick Couvrent Purifying- A concealer for acne and oil, hallelujah. There just aren't many out there. This doesn't add the the oil on your pimple, just covers really well and has a nice bit of anti acne meds in it- oat extracts and triclosan. Now triclosan is one of those ingredients that is on the hit list for possibly not be good for you. I can say, though, that an old acne zapper long since discontinued I got in London had triclosan and worked amazingly. Oat also is great for drying up acne. $ 29.00 ( one neutral, medium tint shade)

Payot isn't the easiest line to find but I found some online outlets like http://www.3graces.com/

More info and spa/sales outlets at http://www.payot.com/

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