Friday, October 23, 2009

Estee Lauder Sumptous Color Mascara

Colored mascara was rampant in the 80s , it was also very bold. Colored mascara has been making a comeback but in a much more subtle way. I had a great Bourjois burgundy a few years ago that you could barely tell was colored. Now Estee Lauder has a full line of colors in their nice Bold Volume Lifting formula.

The shades are much deeper than the images on the company's website. I have tried the green( Emerald), burgundy( Garnet) and brown( Amber). Now brown is easy, I love brown in general some days. It works for my coloring and is dark enough. Amber is a deep brown but not as dark as the black browns of drugstore brands. Emerald is bright in the tube , but again on, looks very dark and not in your face green. Just pretty. The wine colored Garnet is a fav. A Burgundy can just look so nice at times , a little different than black but still a deep , rich color. Amethyst and Sapphire round out the colors.

These are fun to play with , and the formula gives good length, volume and some curl. It holds up really well and doesn't smudge .

*Pictured are swatches of Amethyst and Garnet, Garnet also on the wand/brush. ( keep in mimd they seem brighter here too, due to white background and flash)

$ 19.50 each at all counters and online.

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