Monday, October 26, 2009

Liz Earle Superskin Body Cream

Liz Earle has added some fab smelling body balm to her already strong lineup. Everyone has raved about the scent from the Superskin facial line ( admission- I liked it so much, I would use the Superskin Concentrate on my hands, they needed the love and I loved the smell). To address that, she now has Superskin Body Cream.

This very rich balm has an aromatherapy aspect with notes of neroli, lavender and chamomile wafting around you. It's a bit smoky, herby and floral.

The cream itself has loads of heavy duty moisturizers including shea butter, rosehip seed oil, cranberry seed oil, grape seed oil, avaocado oil and borage seed oil ( borage oil being the one proven ingredient to actually get below the upper layer of epidermis). It gets the job done without being greasy at all. It dries fast and leaves skin hydrated long.

All Liz Earle products use as many organic ingredients as they can, and use no animal ingredients or testing. Superskin Body Cream has 25% pure plant oils.

6.7 oz tube is $ 55.00

Liz Earle can be found at at Studio Beautymix at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, California, Brownes Apothecary & CO. in Miami, Florida and at or UK site to order and more info ( worldwide link there as well).

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