Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lauren Hutton Naturals Palette

I've had this Lauren Hutton Naturals palette on my desk for a month now. If I had posted sooner I would have beat Lucky magazine to it. It's featured by Jean Godfrey- June in the Oct. issue. All that I read by Ms. Godfrey-June suggests that she is a barely there kind of makeup gal and that is very much who this is for.

The makeup here is basic, easy and natural. It's also certified by the Natural Products Assoc. for use of natural, plant based ingredients and lack of synthetic preservatives., petrochemicals and more. The makeup is infused with anti-aging properties like grape seed oil, green tea and bamboo.

When I think of Lauren Hutton, I think of African safaris, among other things. Very much a wrold traveler, she always seems to be doing shoots or traveling there. And this is perfect for that kind of trip. Ok, I know not many of us are going to Africa on Safari. But if you were you wouldn't want to be out there with a full face of makeup and crimson lips. Best leave that to the Masai.

There is spot and sheer concealer, lip balm, powder, cake eyeliner, contour and brow colors. All with a handy application chart if needed. The palette is very large in size but lightweight and has a very pretty image on the outside.

$ 70.00 at ( I remember when Sephora carried the line. Now it is all online)

Photo of Lauren Hutton -Marie
Claire magazine online

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